Process Engineering

Process Engineering


The assets a community uses in its daily life, with a few exceptions, are not found as such in nature (fuels, chemicals, food, medicines, energy, etc.).

Humanity has learnt to manage natural resources and subject them to transformation processes to end in products of social interest. These processes are to be carried out in great scale and efficiently for their cost to be within consumers' reach.
These objectives conform the main goals of Process Engineering.

Process Engineering:

  • Develops, assesses, and designs productive processes.
  • It is nurtured by the "know how", the information obtained from research and development.
  • Defines needs for raw materials, inputs, and energy required by the transformation process.
  • Assesses both the environmental conditions affecting the processes and how the processes affect the environment.

All areas in the industrial sphere are affected by this engineering discipline: Hydrocarbon, petro-chemistry, food, environment, chemical, health, etc. Process Engineering not only engages in the development of new production plants, it also applies its know how to existent plants in their revamping stages to increase their output and/or capacity.

Bahitek offers its clients engineering services to plan and execute works and to support their technical or engineering departments. All services are provided according to the national and international standards required by the client.

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